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Decarcerate Western Mass (DWM) is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Massive Bookshop, an anti-profit bookstore based in western Massachusetts. Massive Bookshop will contribute a portion of their book sales to the DWM Bailout Project, supporting their work of posting bails for people held in pretrial detention in Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire Counties. Massive Bookshop co-founder Andrew Ritchey says, “As Franklin County is our ‘home’ county (and the jail is just a few blocks from Massive HQ), this new initiative will be a concrete and direct way for us to make a positive impact in our community.” Laura C. of the DWM Bailout Project agrees: “Our work is powered by a community-based, abolitionist vision. We are honored to partner with Massive and look forward to working together in the fight against pre-trial injustice.”

About Decarcerate Western Mass
Decarcerate Western Mass (DWM), founded in April 2020, is an abolitionist group organizing for decarceration in Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden Counties in Massachusetts. The DWM Bailout Project was launched in February 2021 in response to the urgent need to reduce the number of people detained in local jails and, more broadly, to organize to decarcerate prisons and jails across the country.

About Massive Bookshop
The Massive Bookshop is an anti-profit bookstore and a means to direct money and resources toward community groups who do a lot of work but don’t get paid for it.

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